Special consultations

Headache Centre Bonn

One of my main focuses is the successful treatment of headaches and migraines. I treat almost all types of headaches: tension headaches, upper cervical headaches, cluster headaches and of course migraine. The causes of headaches are manifold, which is why comprehensive anamnesis and diagnostics are particularly important here too.

Only then can I apply the current treatment concepts, such as Botox injections or non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (gammaCore® for cluster headaches). If necessary, we also accompany the treatments with physiotherapy and psychotherapy. In certain cases, I also admit headache patients as inpatients, because sometimes it is unavoidable to get out of the everyday stress to take care of their physical and mental health.

Together with my colleagues in psychosomatic medicine, we can effectively and successfully carry out burnout prophylaxis and / or burnout therapy.


Epilepsy is by all means a widespread neurological disease. About one percent of the population is affected, and every tenth person experiences an epileptic seizure at least once in their lifetime. Many first-time seizures can be effectively treated immediately, so that patients can become seizure-free in the long term with the administration of the first drug.

However, in some patients there may be a causal chain of bodily events that can lead to unconsciousness. It is even possible that another underlying disease is also counteracting successful treatment. Therefore, it often happens that these patients continue to suffer from seizures despite the use of various preparations, which are often also accompanied by psychiatric disorders or cognitive deficits.

In order to improve the seizure management for the patient and thus to be able to increase his or her quality of life again, the concomitant diseases should also be treated at an early stage in addition to the therapy of the seizures.

Within the framework of our epilepsy consultation hours, we offer information and support for relatives. In addition, we offer advice on traffic medicine for epilepsy patients and clarification regarding the desire to have children with epilepsy.

Unconsciousness / First Seizure / First Seizure

However, many people – with or without epileptic seizures – experience disturbances of consciousness or sudden loss of consciousness, so-called syncope, for the first time.

In my field of neurology, we now have good possibilities to research the causes of these failures.

For you, this means that I work together with colleagues from neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurophysiology, psychiatry and psychosomatics, so that we can successfully use all the available diagnostic tools.

For the patient, this means that we can set the course for the future at an early stage and significantly improve the quality of life.