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Private practice for neurology, epileptology and psychotherapy

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Under the roof of my Südstadt practice in the Beethoven city of Bonn, all diagnostic and therapeutic methods for the clarification and treatment of neurological diseases are available to you in a pleasant ambience.

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The focus is on people:
Since March 2018, I have had my practice location in Bonn's Südstadt with good transport connections. The strength of the joint practice that I run together with my internist colleague, Prof. Dr. Sven Schinner, is comprehensive interdisciplinary diagnostics and therapy.

We use all common examination methods in neurological clarification, in particular electrophysiological measuring devices (EMG, NLG, SSEP), ultrasound for the brain-supplying vessels (Doppler and Duplex) and electroencephalography (EEG).
We are happy to arrange further diagnostics for our patients, in particular imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance tomography, PET examinations or Dat Scan.

We can quickly and reliably make findings in a wide range of neurological diseases and offer each patient the best possible therapy - of course also in acute cases. We have parking spaces available for you.

Headache, migraine, facial pain

Finally pain-free: Individual treatment concepts with the most modern methods

Memory disorders and dementia

“First Seizure”: the new concept to identify and treat the causes of non-specific unconsciousness across disciplines

Epilepsy, other seizure disorders

Seizure disorders with and without disorders of consciousness: My speciality is short-term and long-term outpatient treatment.

Dizziness, balance disorders, positional vertigo

Diagnosis and healing from a single source: Interdisciplinary examination programme and integrative treatment at the highest medical level

Parkinson’s syndrome, cerebral circulatory disorders

When the central control centre is out of balance: causes, symptoms and state-of-the-art treatment methods – the well-being of our patients comes first

Carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar sulcus syndrome, polyneuropathy

A diverse spectrum of causes: Holistic research is the goal;
Polyneuropathies, constriction syndromes (carpal tunnel syndrome, sulcus ulnaris syndrome, for example).

Neurological Sleep Medicine, Restless Legs

Causal research regarding the different forms of sleep disorders. Dysfunctions can be recognised and treated, for example, by means of a sleep diversion.

Chronic pain syndrome,
Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Permanent pain as a result of incorrect loading of the musculoskeletal system or due to altered pain perception of the brain. The lowered pain threshold often leads to accompanying psychological changes.


Anxiety disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder


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